I work with adults of all ages who want to grow, change, and reduce their suffering. I don’t see psychotherapy as a process of curing because I don’t believe anything is wrong with any of us. This means we can address your anxiety, depression, confusion, posttraumatic stress, and other dilemmas in living without adding unnecessary judgment or shame.


Psychotherapy is:

• A collaborative relationship where we can look at relationship patterns that can be softened and changed.

• A time and place to mindfully notice patterns of thought, feeling and behavior that evolved in childhood and no longer work in adulthood.

• A healing process where large and small traumatic experiences can be reprocessed and healed.

• A practice of acceptance, expansion and enjoyment of leanings and tastes that are simply “who we are”

• A relationship that supports you as you learn, navigate transitions, make difficult choices, and acquire new skills in living.


If you are seeking psychotherapy we can arrange an hour consultation to decide whether or not it’s a good fit. I know many talented people in the psychotherapy field, and if I think another therapist is more skilled than I am in an area where you want change I will help you connect with them. If we decide to work together I will assess your problems and recommend the variety of ways we can work together. We can work short term or long term. Whatever works.

My background is in psychoanalytic psychotherapy and family therapy. In addition: I am a Certified EMDR Therapist and Consultant, and a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner. I also practice Internal Family Systems, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, and Mindfulness CBT. Additional trainings include: Empirically Supported Interventions for Addictions, and Stage Oriented Psychotherapy for Complex Trauma.